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Massage Therapy

Our office offers massage therapy for our patients in a calm professional environment.

Massage is one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy and is a system of stroking, pressing and kneading different areas of the body to relieve pain, relax, stimulate, and tone the body. Massage does much more than create a pleasant sensation on the skin, it also works on the soft tissues (the muscles, tendons, and ligaments) to improve muscle tone.

Although it largely affects those muscles just under the skin, its benefits may also reach the deeper layers of muscle and possibly even the organs themselves. Massage also stimulates blood circulation and assists the lymphatic system (which runs parallel to the circulatory system), improving the elimination of waste throughout the body. Massage is used in conjunction with chiropractic to make a healthier you!

Why Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is the assessment and treatment of the soft tissues and joints of the body by hands-on manipulation.

Massage can be defined as the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes. It uses a system of strokes that include gliding, kneading, friction, pressure, tapping and vibrating. In addition, massage therapists may engage in active and passive movements of the joints, use auxiliary mechanical devices, apply heat and cold in various forms, and instruct clients on exercises to achieve improved muscle tone circulation, and range of motion.

An excellent form of preventive health care:

Massage therapy melts away stress and tension, relieving associated headaches and muscular aches and pains. Massage therapy aids in the healing process from injury or over-use, and is an excellent form of preventive health care. Its purpose is to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function and relieve pain. Massage therapy modalities include hydrotherapy, remedial exercise, myofasical and trigger point therapy. Massage therapy compliments chiropractic care perfectly.

The Benefits of Massage:

  • Stretches superficial tissue
  • Assists lymphatic and venous flow
  • Helps to break up and loosen subcutaneous tissue adhesions
  • Can help reduce certain types of edema
  • Stimulates the sensory receptors (nerves) of the skin and deeper tissue

Massage Therapy is Recommended For:

  • Relief of chronic stress/tension
  • Relaxation
  • Relief of pain/spasm
  • Headaches
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Sprains/strains/athletic injuries
  • Tendonitis/bursitis
  • Pregnancy discomforts/post partum
  • Postural disorders/muscle rehabilitation
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Improved circulation

Our office offers massage therapy to improve muscular healing and maximum relaxation.

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